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Completely Custom Premium Sheds for the Price of a Standard Shed

Designer Shedsis the best source for fully custom sheds in Geelong. We manufacture sheds to your exact width, depth and height specifications and deliver them to your home for no more than the cost of a stock-standard shed.
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Your shed contains only premium components from these top suppliers:

Custom design shed in Geelong

Custom Shed Kits in Geelong Without the Hefty Price Tag!

Designer Sheds is your best source of affordable and fully custom sheds in Geelong. We can customise your shed to the specifications that you really want with no extra cost. Our sheds are made from 100% Australian steel, so you can be sure that they are made for tough conditions.

You can select your window and door placement and choose from our various types of steel cladding, colours, gutter profiles and roof pitches.All these premium inclusions are for the price of a standard shed. Want to know more? Start today with a Free Design & Quote.

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How is it Possible to Deliver a Custom Shed to Geelong for Less?

We, Designer Sheds, have invested millions of dollars in the past 22 years to develop various innovative shed designs and manufacturing processes. In turn, we’ve become capable of building several types of sheds and even making a completely different style without changing our machinery on the floor.

The technology that we use provides many advantages not only to us but to you, too. Our sheds for sale in Geelong are affordable. Plus, it’s easy for us to create a custom shed and then another one compared to our competitors.

Choose Designer Sheds, so you are sure that your shed is:

  • Accurate to your design specifications with absolute precision.
  • Manufactured quickly and ready on demand.
  • Affordable as our margins are lower since we can make a large volume of custom sheds in Australia.
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High quality shed guarantee

Most Trusted Company for Custom Sheds in Geelong—Backed By Our Unique Triple Guarantee

Our “Triple Guarantee” is designed to provide you with ultimate peace of mind. This sets us apart as a custom shed design company in Australia. 

#1 Price Guarantee: You’ll get an exact fixed quote based on your custom design. Your price is locked once you confirm your order and lock in your delivery date. This quote is valid for 14 days.

#2 Design Guarantee: Your shed will exactly match the custom design you approve. If it doesn’t, we will re-supply for free.

#3 Supply Guarantee: Your Bill of Materials will 100% match the shed you order. If we miss something out of the Bill of Materials, we’ll make it right straight away and give you $500 for the trouble. If anything is missing upon initial delivery due to a mistake in the delivery process, we’ll ensure missing components are delivered ASAP at our cost.

Delivery Direct To Every Suburb In Geelong

We have several manufacturing locations in and around Geelong, plus others across Victoria. You can be sure that we have one near your place.

Our national headquarters is located at:
313 Pacific Hwy, Coffs Harbour NSW 2450

Our free delivery area covers all suburbs of Geelong, Bendigo, Ballarat, and Melbourne.

Your shed kit will arrive ready for assembly. Simply engage a builder of your choice to help erect your new shed in any place in Geelong. If you need help choosing a builder, we will be glad to assist.

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Customer Reviews

Quotation Mark

I get to enjoy my hobby all year round now!

I’ve got four horses on my property and I wanted an area that was protected from the sun and the rain so I could spend time training them. The guys worked with me to plan out a fully customised horse arena design at the best possible price. Now I can spend more time outside with my horses, particularly in the summer time. Thanks!”

Heather W.
VIC (Surname and location changed for privacy)

Quotation Mark

I waited and waited on other shed companies for weeks to give me engineers detailed plans

But with Designer Sheds, I paid my deposit, and within a matter of minutes, I had all the engineers details in my hands, ready to go to council. I didn’t even need their manual and I put it up in two days myself, finished and everything. Even the guy from the Council commented when he visited how nice it looked.”

Gerald Troy

Quotation Mark

We’ve had a couple of sheds before and they haven’t been big enough

We wanted a shed big enough to fit our caravan and all our gear in. We shopped around not just based on price, but on quality and ease of setting up. Others were complicated to erect, having to cast in bolts to the concrete but you guys designed it in a way easy the way that was so simple we were up and away in no time. ”

Peter Marshall

Quotation Mark

I wish I could fit another one beside it!

I already had a boat that needed an extra high clearance, and I’d just bought a new Landcruiser as well, so I needed a shed big enough to house it all. I only had limited space between the house and the boundary, so I needed something custom designed to fit snugly in between. I managed to get the perfect shed for the space, and they even matched the roof pitch to my house. ”

Craig Cooper

Quotation Mark

I’m now the proud owner of a truly purpose built shed

We got quotes from other places, but we chose Designer Sheds in the end because only they could give us a truly ‘purpose built’ shed. We’ve now got a separate boat showroom and workshop with a driveway through the middle so our customers can drive up in their trailer, load and unload, all while being undercover! ”

Jetty Boating - NSW

Quotation Mark

I saw one of your sheds and just had to have one too

I saw my dream shed with an awning and a spa underneath the guys had built for someone else, and thought that’s exactly what I’m after! That made my decision for me. I got in contact with Designer Sheds and they were so good to deal with. Dave was really helpful and the whole process from phoning up to the shed being delivered was just smooth. ”

Jason Geiberras