Get The Shed You Really Want,

Not Just The One You’re Told You Can Have

At Designer Sheds, every shed we make is customised to your exact requirements (right down to the millimetre!) and delivered to your door for around the same price as a stock-standard shed from other suppliers. Start with a Free Design & Quote Session.

Your shed contains only premium components from these top suppliers:

Why We Build Sheds

Before going to business for ourselves over a decade ago, we were selling sheds under license for one of the big shed brands. However, we spent most of our time dealing with customer complaints (legitimate complaints) and fixing problems.

We quickly came to understand that the franchise model is why most shed companies come and go so frequently and often open up again under a new name.

We were determined to give our customers the quality sheds they deserve, and support them for the long term. We knew we couldn’t do any worse than the suppliers we were buying off.

So we set about finding a better way to design and manufacture sheds.

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