Steel Barn Kits

Our steel barn kits are custom-built to fit your specific needs, providing durable, practical storage solutions at an affordable price.

Your Ideal Storage Space: Tailor-Made Steel Barn Kits for Practical Solutions

Our commitment to excellence in design and manufacturing means that when you invest in one of our steel barn kits, you’re getting a product that’s tailored to your specific needs, with precision engineering that ensures durability and practicality. We’ve honed our process to give you a barn that not only meets your requirements but also stands the test of time.

You can customise your steel barn kit with:

  • 26 COLORBONDⓇ colours to suit your property’s style
  • 2 steel cladding profiles for durability and maintenance ease
  • 2 gutter profiles to ensure proper drainage
  • 5 roof pitches to match your design preferences
  • Custom door height, width, and placement for accessibility and functionality
  • Windows, roof vents, insulation, and personal access doors for comfort and convenience
  • Flexible bay sizes to fit your space requirements
  • Roller doors with manual drive, chain drive or motors and remotes for ease of use
  • A wide range of size options to accommodate all your storage needs

We have 16 manufacturing locations across Australia, allowing us to deliver your steel barn kit directly to your site, with FREE delivery within our extensive delivery area. If you’re in a remote location, we’ll get your kit to you at the lowest possible cost.

Free Design & Quote

“This was a big task but it was a construction pleasure. I was helping the builder to erect (a 68 year old apprentice you might say!). I might add the builder I used was super fussy and was also impressed.

It looks and functions better than I could ever expect. My neighbour is very envious and comments on the quality and finish every time he visits.

So in closing, I would recommend Designer Sheds to any one that requires a well-finished and well-designed shed with top quality materials.”

Gary Shepherd

“Being able to see the design built on the screen and provide real-time feedback was really good. It was easy to say, “yep, that’s what I want, or change that, then send me a quote.

I wanted something quite specific. I wanted to be able to build something I actually want. And I wanted to have input. Designer Sheds fitted that. And it fit in to my budget.”

Matthew Warner, NSW

Our custom garden sheds contain only premium components from these top suppliers:

Build Your Dream Steel Barn Kit: Strong, Customisable & Cost-Effective

When it comes to housing your livestock, storing your harvest, or keeping your machinery safe from the elements, a robust solution is essential. That’s where our steel barn kits stand out from the crowd. Unlike standard offerings that may compromise on quality, DesignerSheds ensures that every steel barn kit is engineered to withstand the harsh Australian climate. Our barns are not just shelters; they’re fortresses for your farm’s vital assets.

We understand that everyone has unique needs, which is why our steel barn kits are not one-size-fits-all. We offer a level of customisation that is unparalleled in the industry, ensuring that your barn works for you, for no more than the cost of a stock standard alternative. Our commitment to excellence means that your barn will be as practical and hardworking as you are, crafted from the sturdiest Australian materials and designed to serve you for years to come.

We take pride in the strength and durability of our steel barn kits. Each kit is constructed with high-grade Australian BlueScope and COLORBONDⓇ steel, renowned for its quality and resilience – backed by our comprehensive triple guarantee.

Your Steel Barn Kit, Made To Measure

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