Farm Storage Sheds

Durable farm storage sheds, tailored to fit your specific space and storage needs, at prices that compete with off-the-shelf alternatives.

Create Your Ideal Farm Storage Shed: Tailored to Your Practical Needs!

We’re commitment to designing and manufacturing great sheds that are tailored to meet your specific needs.

You’ll have the flexibility to customise your farm storage shed with:

  • 26 COLORBONDⓇ colours (to match your farm’s style and existing structures)
  • 2 steel cladding profiles (for durability and longevity)
  • 2 gutter profiles (to ensure proper drainage)
  • 5 roof pitches (to suit your location’s weather conditions)
  • Custom door height, width, and placement (for easy access with machinery)
  • Windows, roof vents, insulation, and personal access doors (for comfort and ventilation)
  • Flexible bay sizes (to accommodate all types of equipment)
  • Roller doors with manual drive, chain drive, or motors and remotes (for secure and convenient access)
  • Plus, nearly unlimited size options (to ensure you have all the space you need for storage)

Rest assured, we deliver your farm storage shed kit directly to your site, with FREE delivery within our regular area, covering the majority of Australia. If you’re in a remote location, we’ll only charge you the shipping cost.

Free Design & Quote

“The standard sizing for most out-of-the-box sheds was 3.6, which just wasn’t going to be big enough. We have two large hunter-style horses and we wanted to make sure they had plenty of room to move around. Especially if there was bad weather and we’d need to be in there with the horses.

We were very happy with the quality on delivery. The local shed erector who worked with me was very complimentary about the gauge of materials used, the sizing accuracy and the price. He now has your name for future reference.”

Raymond Toms, Coopers Gully, NSW

“My shed has been up now for about 9 months and it’s already been through a cyclone and come out good as new, so you could say it’s doing alright!

There are lots of shed companies around but Designer Sheds let you design everything for your needs.”

Steve Gillooly, Brunswick Heads, NSW

Our custom garden sheds contain only premium components from these top suppliers:

Custom Farm Workshops & Equipment Sheds

When it comes to safeguarding your valuable farm equipment, livestock, and produce, the importance of a robust and reliable farm storage shed cannot be overstated. Many standard sheds on the market are not up to the task, with flimsy materials and a one-size-fits-all approach that falls short of the unique demands of farm life. These sheds often fail to provide the necessary protection against the harsh Australian weather, leaving your assets (and livelihood) at risk.

We create farm storage sheds that are tailored to the specific needs of your agricultural operations. We understand that every farm is different. Our sheds are designed to withstand the toughest conditions, using only the highest quality Australian materials like BlueScope and COLORBONDⓇ Steel.

With over two decades of experience and more than 7,249 sheds supplied, Designer Sheds has a proven track record of delivering farm storage solutions that last.

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