American Barns

A modern take on the classic American Barn, tailored to fit your specific needs without breaking the bank.

Create Your Ideal Space With A Custom Steel Barn

Our commitment to excellence in design and manufacturing ensures that your American Barn not only looks great, but is also practical and durable, tailored to your specific needs with precision engineering.

You can personalise your American Barn with:

  • 26 COLORBOND® colours (to match your property’s palette)
  • 2 steel cladding profiles
  • 2 gutter profiles (for a seamless look with existing structures)
  • 5 roof pitches (to suit your style and drainage needs)
  • Custom door height, width, and placement (for ease of access and use)
  • Windows, roof vents, insulation, and personal access doors (for comfort and convenience)
  • Flexible bay sizes (to fit your space requirements)
  • Roller doors with manual drive, chain drive or motors and remotes (for secure and easy entry)

We ensure your American Barn kit is delivered directly to your site, with FREE shipping for +95% of the Australian population. For those in more remote locations, we provide cost-effective shipping options.

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“This was a big task but it was a construction pleasure. I was helping the builder to erect (a 68 year old apprentice you might say!). I might add the builder I used was super fussy and was also impressed.

It looks and functions better than I could ever expect. My neighbour is very envious and comments on the quality and finish every time he visits.

So in closing, I would recommend Designer Sheds to any one that requires a well-finished and well-designed shed with top quality materials.”

Gary Shepherd

“If I had of just done what I was originally planning to do, I would have been “happy-ish” with that. But you helped me work out what I REALLY wanted and what I could do. As a result I ended up with a much better shed.”

Jim Walsh, Horton, QLD

Our custom garden sheds contain only premium components from these top suppliers:

Discover Sturdy, Steel American Barns – Tailored to Your Needs

American barns are not just a statement of classic rural charm but also a testament to functional design and durability. While standard shed companies may offer one-size-fits-all solutions, DesignerSheds are tailored to your unique requirements without additional cost. Our barns are designed to withstand the harsh Australian climate, ensuring that your investment remains secure, whether it’s used for storage, as a workshop, or “man cave”.

At DesignerSheds, we understand that an American barn is more than just a building; it’s a versatile space that should adapt to your lifestyle and needs. Our barns are crafted with attention to detail and your specific usage in mind. We use only the highest quality Australian materials, including robust BlueScope and COLORBOND® steel, to ensure that your barn stands strong against the elements. Our commitment to excellence is evident in every barn we create, backed by our comprehensive triple guarantee.

With over 7,249 sheds supplied over 22 years, our experience speaks for itself. Our American barns are not only practical and sturdy but also come with the peace of mind that only quality Australian materials and construction can provide. Trust DesignerSheds to deliver an American barn that’s as reliable and hardworking as you are.

Build Your Custom Steel American Barn –
Tailored To Fit Your Needs

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