Open Gable End Sheds

Experience the convenience and durability of our Open Gable End Sheds, tailored to fit your space perfectly without stretching your budget.

Create Your Ideal Space with Customizable Open Gable End Sheds – Practicality Meets Personal Touch!

Our commitment to excellence in design and manufacturing means that your open gable end shed will be crafted with precision and durability, ensuring it meets your practical needs for years to come. We focus on creating a product that is both functional and tailored to your specific requirements.

You can customize your open gable end shed with:

  • 26 COLORBOND colours to suit your property’s aesthetic
  • 2 steel cladding profiles for robust construction
  • 2 gutter profiles to ensure efficient water runoff
  • 5 roof pitches to match your design preferences
  • Custom door height, width, and placement for ease of access
  • Windows, roof vents, insulation, and personal access doors for comfort and convenience
  • Flexible bay sizes to fit your space requirements
  • Roller doors with manual drive, chain drive, or motors and remotes for secure and easy entry

We guarantee precise and reliable delivery of your shed kit right to your location, with free shipping to most Australians. Your open gable end shed will be a practical addition to your property, designed to your specifications and built to last.

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“The standard sizing for most out-of-the-box sheds was 3.6, which just wasn’t going to be big enough. We have two large hunter-style horses and we wanted to make sure they had plenty of room to move around. Especially if there was bad weather and we’d need to be in there with the horses.

We were very happy with the quality on delivery. The local shed erector who worked with me was very complimentary about the gauge of materials used, the sizing accuracy and the price. He now has your name for future reference.”

Raymond Toms, Coopers Gully, NSW

“My shed has been up now for about 9 months and it’s already been through a cyclone and come out good as new, so you could say it’s doing alright!

There are lots of shed companies around but Designer Sheds let you design everything for your needs.”

Steve Gillooly, Brunswick Heads, NSW

Our custom garden sheds contain only premium components from these top suppliers:

Discover the Practicality of Customizable Open Gable End Shed Kits – Perfect for Every Space and Budget!

Open Gable End Sheds offer a classic design that maximizes both space and functionality, making them a perfect choice for those who need a reliable and spacious area for storage or work. Unlike standard sheds that may offer limited headroom and storage options, our Open Gable End Sheds are designed to provide ample vertical space, ensuring that even your tallest items or machinery can be accommodated with ease.

At Designer Sheds, we understand that every customer has unique needs, which is why our Open Gable End Sheds are not just any run-of-the-mill solution. We take pride in offering a bespoke experience, tailoring each shed to your specific requirements without the added costs typically associated with custom designs. Our commitment to quality means that you get a shed that’s not only practical but also built to withstand the harsh Australian climate, giving you peace of mind that your belongings are protected.

When it comes to durability, our Open Gable End Sheds stand out from the crowd. We use only the finest Australian materials, such as robust BlueScope Steel and weather-resistant Colourbond, to ensure that your shed is not just sturdy but also maintains its integrity over time. Our rust-resistant Buildex screws add an extra layer of durability, ensuring that your shed remains strong and secure through every season. With Designer Sheds, you’re investing in a quality shed kit that’s backed by our unique triple guarantee, offering you the ultimate assurance in your purchase.

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